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Better People = Better Results (New Keynote)

Motivational Speaker Gary Guller’s Newest Keynote Presentation:

“Better People equals Better Results”

This presentation was developed after a great discussion with a highly respected senior executive in the Global IT Industry: Thank you so much for your friendship and support over the years.

Inspirational Everest Speaker
Methodologies provide a nice framework for thinking and have the potential to clarify roles and hand-offs. But nothing beats being out in the trenches working side by side with the teams and learning — and then returning to base camp (HQ) to eliminate obstacles and inefficiencies that annoy and derail our climbers as they make their way to the Summit! So keep that in mind as we move forward. The best of plans yield to the situation on the ground and our ability to react, contribute and add long term value!

Leading in an environment in which that which was known has been altered — so you have to create a new road map. We all have an idea of how our businesses operate, but enough has changed so that we have to change how we approach running our businesses. Analogy — while many climbed Everest and it was known how — climbing with one arm altered it enough that you had to modify your approach so you could succeed.

Your gift is the way you connect with people and help them discover themselves through the story of how you discovered yourself. So deeply genuine, personal and even vulnerable. We all get lost in your story and wonder about our own story. You know how the room feels and reacts. Priceless.

Think about you and the people you are trained to touch. Leaders. Change agents. Risk takers. The business elite.

“It just seems to me you are high touch Guller”

“Better People Better Results” – that is what I do, to try my best to make others greater, the rest will follow.

About Gary Guller:

Just as he discovered his passion for alpine climbing, Gary lost the use of his arm in a mountaineering accident. He stunned a medical team at Duke University by asking to have his paralyzed arm amputated, and, after serious introspection, he began climbing again, surmounting the barriers that stood in the way of his dreams.

In 2003, Gary was leader of the largest ever cross-disability group to reach Mt Everest Base Camp, at 17,500 feet. After setting this record, he went on to scale the peak, reaching the summit on May 23, 2003, and becoming the first person with one arm to summit Mt. Everest. Later the next year, Gary lead an expedition to the summit of the world’s sixth highest mountain, Mt. Cho Oyu, located in Tibet.

In April 2010, Gary completed the grueling Marathon des Sables in Morocco, a 6 day, 153 plus miles (250km) endurance race across the Sahara Desert.

Gary uses his extraordinary experiences to share with his audiences the importance of equality, determination, team-work and integrity, and how these traits lead to personal and professional success. Gary shows how acceptance of diversity and diversity of thought will serve a globally integrated world economy in a positive way. An inspirational speaker, he encourages audiences to look deep into themselves, motivating them to set goals to maximizes their potential, placing fear and doubts aside to achieve success in business and life.