Gary Guller

Shackeltons Way of Developing Leadership Skills

Some things never change, you do have a bigger impact on the lives under you than you can ever imagine. I cannot say this enough for a great leader to always remember.

No. 2 August 13 2012: Shackeltons Way of Developing Leadership Skills

1. Cultivate a sense of compassion and responsibility for others. You have a bigger impact on the lives under you than you can ever imagine.

2. Do your part to help create an upbeat environment at work. A positive and cheerful workplace is hugely important to productivity.

3. Broaden your cultural and social horizons beyong your usual experiences. Learning to see things from different perspectives will give you greater flexibility in problem solving.

4. In this rapidly changing world, be willing to venture in new directions to sieze new opportunities.

5. Always find a way to turn setback into new advantages.

6. My favorite! Be bold in vision and careful in planning.

7. Learn from past mistakes. And move forward.

8. Never insist at reaching a goal at any costs. Achieve at reasonable expense with minimum hardship to your staff.

9. Finally, engage in respectful competition. Everyone can win with strong alliances.

A biz has to be involving, it as to be fun & exercise your creative instincts. Richard Branson (Virgin)

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“Gary has several differentiated attributes. He has a very compelling story. It focuses on the team and what is possible. This is a competitive differentiator for our business. Gary brings his A game every time. He spends the necessary time understanding the organization and makes sure his messages are in the context of what the audience needs to hear. Gary puts in the time. He comes in early and is available to the participants afterwards. He does not land, do a stock speech and leave immediately. Having worked with many outside professionals, I can tell you definitively that this is what sets Gary apart.”
-VP, Fortune 100, Corporate Strategy