Team Everest

“Team Everest: A Himalayan Journey” chronicles a remarkable group of trekkers on an expedition to the world’s highest mountain  with stunning footage from the kingdom of Nepal, “Team Everest” offers a heartwarming story of personal ambition, as it dares us to reach beyond our perceived limitations and explores our unlimited capacity to dream.

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Sherpa Stew

“Sherpa Stew” is a documentary film that chronicles the lives of two famous Sherpa mountaineers, their families and friends who have left the Himalaya of Nepal in search of greater opportunity in New York. Thanks Banff Mountain Film Festival, Mountain film Graz, & Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. Starring Nima Dawa Sherpa, Kipa Sherpa & Gary Guller. Directed by Andy Cockrum – Danger Dog Films

Make Others Greater

Make Others Greater™ From Mt. Everest to the Board Room”, combines Gary’s incredible stories with those of leaders (Shackleton) and businesses around the world (IBM) and throughout time to deliver a commanding and inspirational message of resilience and empowerment. Survival alone doesn’t define us. It’s what we learn from the experience that does.

Available to buy on Amazon, just type in “Make Others Greater”. Thank you, Gary

Team Everest Audience Reviews

  • Team Everest: A Himalayan Journey
  • Make Others Greater
  • Sherpa Stew (post production)

From Mt. Everest to the boardroom

Keynote Speaker Gary Guller

Keynote Speaker Gary Guller

Keynote Speaker Gary Guller

Keynote Speaker Gary Guller

Gary Guller and Phillip Macko’s engaging dialogue  on leadership and the importance of global diversity in the marketplace is as instructive as it is addictive. It will challenge your perspectives, it will inspire the way you lead, and it will do so in an incredibly entertaining way. It is a gem, expertly written and deeply insightful. -V R Ferose, Senior Vice President, Globalization Services, SAP