About Gary 

Gary Guller is known both as a world-renowned, record-setting mountaineer and a professional motivational and inspirational speaker, trusted by the world’s top organizations and corporations. Gary was leader of the largest ever cross-disability group to reach Mt Everest Base Camp, at 17,500 feet.  After setting this record, he went on to reaching the summit and becoming the first person with one arm to summit Mt. Everest. Later the next year, Gary led an expedition to the summit of Mt. Cho Oyu in Tibet.

In Detail

Just as he discovered his passion for alpine climbing, Gary lost the use of his arm in a mountaineering accident.  He stunned a medical team at Duke University by asking to have his paralyzed arm amputated, and, after serious introspection, he began climbing again, surmounting the barriers that stood in the way of his dreams.  Gary has gone on to become a trusted keynote speaker to the world’s most respected companies.

What to Expect

Gary uses his extraordinary experiences to share with his audiences the importance of equality, determination, team-work and integrity, and how these traits lead to personal and professional success. Gary shows how acceptance of diversity and diversity of thought will serve a globally integrated world economy in a positive way.  Gary encourages his audiences to look deep into themselves, motivating them to set goals to maximize their potential, placing fear and doubts aside to achieve success.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

A professional speaker, Gary is comfortable in a private setting, before a boardroom of 50 executives, or on-stage in front of thousands.  His presentations, which are full of vivid images and real-life stories, inspire and connect with his audiences.  His down-to-earth speaking style makes him an extremely popular speaker.

From Mt. Everest to the boardroom

world-renowned, record-setting mountaineer

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

On behalf of everyone here at Rutgers, thank you for coming to share your story with us.  It has been replaying in my mind constantly since Monday and the students are still talking about it constantly.  We were honored to have you here and wish you the best of luck on your future travels and commitments.  Hopefully your journey will bring you through Rutgers University again in the future. – Rutgers University