The best of plans yield to the situation on the ground and our ability to react, contribute and add long term value!  We all have an idea of how our businesses operate, but enough has changed so that we have to change how we  approach running our businesses. Analogy — while many climbed Everest and it was known how — climbing with one arm altered it enough that you had to modify your approach so you could succeed. Think about you and the people you are trained to touch: leaders, change agents, risk takers and the business elite.” – Corporate Strategy Fortune 100

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“Just to let you know that when I got back into the office I had a whole host of mails from attendees at the event saying how inspiring & thought provoking your piece was, I would also add that people who had seen other ‘key note speakers’ commented on how different your piece was at you focused on what a team can achieve together, not what the leader had achieved. This I think is really powerful. It was a pleasure to host you, you are a true professional, & a very easy person to host.”  – IT Europe

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Loved your story and what a great inspiration! Was going over the evaluations this weekend and didn’t have a chance to email you with the results.  Some of the comments “Amazing!”, “Great Keynote Speaker”, “Great Message”, “Excellent”, “Very inspiring”, “Motivational”, “WOW!!!!” and “Awesome Story” “You could literally hear a pin drop as Gary spoke – I have NEVER met a speaker that held a complete ballroom full of different individuals spellbound and silent as they hung to your words.” The ARC

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  • IBM
  • American Express
  • SAP
  • Thomson Reuters
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • plus many more…

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From Mt. Everest to the boardroom

Inspirational Speaker Gary Guller

Inspirational Speaker Gary Guller

Inspirational Speaker Gary Guller

Inspirational Speaker Gary Guller

Gary’s visit was a powerful reminder that no obstacle should remain unchallenged and that no person should be dismissed without the opportunity to prove what their passion and determination can accomplish. -IBM