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“As we packed up in Berlin, everyone was in a highly positive mood and ready to get out into the world and face the challenges ahead of them”
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“most inspiring first today”


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Make Others Greater: From Mt. Everest to the Board Room is Now Available!

With the release of Make Others Greater, Gary's message is forever memorialized and his offering to your organization is greatly expanded. Book Gary and the Make Others Greater™ team for your next corporate event, and you'll present your management team, employees, shareholders or members with a day that will inspire and challenge them.

"They say it is all about perspective. Each obstacle or opportunity we encounter can be viewed from different perspectives. After meeting Gary and surely after listening to what he has to say, your perspective will most likely change forever.

Gary is an inspiration. His humble, yet engaging way of sharing his story and insights will change your perspective forever. It will simply make you a better team player and a better leader."

Nir Nimrodi, VP and General Manager, Life Technologies

Meeting Gary Guller:

Meeting Gary Guller is like referring to an edition of the dictionary that did not print the word ‘impossible’. We refer dictionaries not for knowledge but for meanings to words that we find hard to understand or even not know about. When you hear Gary speak as you sit in the audience or when you have a one on one chat with him, he answers many of your questions before you even ask them.

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Bangalore Mirror:

When Gary concludes by saying, "Think Big. Act bold. Treat people fairly. Play to win. Be the best you can be, everyday," you are unable to discard it as yet-another-motivational-speaker-giving-his-spiel-to-clients-with-fat-purses, simply because the 'empty' left sleeve of his blue shirt flaps, and you can almost hear it say to life, "Gotcha!" For the 'sleeve' belongs to a man, who two decades ago, lay on the hard icy floor of Pico de Orizaba, with a dead friend on one side, and an uncertain future ahead; it belongs to the man who climbed the world’s tallest mountain and it belongs to a man who says with a broad smile, "Always make others greater and success is guaranteed."

To read this article in its entirety please, see the article from the Bangalore Mirror (PDF). Thanks Sudha and everyone at Team Bangalore Mirror. Well written!