Meeting Gary Guller is like referring to an edition of the dictionary that did not print the word impossible. We refer to dictionaries not for knowledge but for meanings to words that we find hard to understand or even not know about. It takes much more than training and funds, it takes a vision beyond ones own self. Just before the talk when we shared a few minutes together and got introduced an interesting fact struck me. Gary as a motivational speaker often communicates with many CEOs and top executives who head organizations and groups in the corporate world. And the reason they look at Gary for inspiration might be because he has literally been on the top of the world. – Vinod Narayan, Silicon Valley


A full house at the Park Center, thronged by UST Global associates, was all ears to Mr Gary Guller, Mount Everest Summiter, Author and Motivational Speaker, as he narrated his life of struggles and how he repeatedly chose difficult paths to attain the summit of success.  Pointing out to his audience that opportunities, passion towards what one does and being nice to people around can be the most fulfilling in one’s quest for success, Mr Guller spoke at length on how he led the largest ever cross-disability group to scale Mt Everest. He spoke about how he set a record and went on to climb the peak and reached the summit of Mt. Everest on May 23, 2003. In the process, he also became the first person with one arm to scale Mt. Everest. – Business Wire, Asia


When Gary concludes by saying, “Think Big. Act bold. Treat people fairly. Play to win. Be the best you can be, everyday,” you are unable to discard it as yet-another-motivational-speaker-giving-his-spiel-to-clients, simply because the ’empty’ left sleeve of his blue shirt flaps, and you can almost hear it say to life, “Gotcha!” For the ‘sleeve’ belongs to a man, who two decades ago, lay on the hard icy floor of Pico de Orizaba, with a dead friend on one side, and an uncertain future ahead; it belongs to the man who climbed the world’s tallest mountain and it belongs to a man who says with a broad smile, “Always make others greater and success is guaranteed.” – Bangalore Mirror, India


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From Mt. Everest to the boardroom

Motivational Speaker Gary Guller

Motivational Speaker Gary Guller

Motivational Speaker Gary Guller

Motivational Speaker Gary Guller

Gary was fully engaged with our group and spent a lot of his personal time with our employees. Throughout the planning process he communicated often and made us feel very comfortable with our choice. Gary’s message, presentation style was wonderful and I received many comments on the great job he did. – Superior Energy