keynote speaker

Conquering Your Everest as a Team.

We saw some challenges in 2013, within our industry, our organization and EIT itself, and the main things that got us through it all are teamwork and perseverance in the face of change. They are critical to success, but they can be difficult.

Imagine losing your best friend and your arm to a mountain climbing accident, then years later leading the largest group of people with cross-disabilities to reach Mt. Everest basecamp and proceeding to become the first one-armed person to reach its peak. That’s what Gary Guller, our keynote speaker at the EIT Leadership Meeting did. His story was touching, emotional and inspiring. Standing before us was a man whose life changed in an instant, but instead of giving up, he tried and tried, he climbed and fell, he never stopped pushing himself, and he did the same for others.

“You can’t enjoy the good without experiencing some of the bad. We will have some tough days, but if we stay together, we will overcome every challenge,” Gary told us.

This is the type of attitude that is critical in times of change. “Throughout time, the need for rapid, adaptive change has been recognized – by some. And completely missed by others,” Gary said. But change is often a positive thing that drives motivation, he pointed out. “Your life is going to change. Look forward to the next challenges.”

Gary has a special gift, and although his story is one of conquering mountains and ours is one of conquering health care industry changes and maturing operations, his message holds true for us. “We must lead together as one team. It is vital to our success,” Gary (keynote speaker) reminded us. “Together we can achieve! Together we can do the possible and impossible!” he added, a mantra that every one of us should live by.

We are climbing our Everest and we can see the peak. Together we will reach it. My thanks to Gary (keynote speaker) for helping all of us know that.

SVP & CIO at Excellus